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P & V International Ltd was established with the purpose that through the application of the founders' extensive translating and interpreting experience acquired at home and abroad we provide the domestic agents of government and private companies with the services of our interpreting and translation as well as conference organisation divisions in order to help them fulfil their objectives.

We are convinced that the reputation of our company and professional esteem is best promoted through the quality of our work and the ever widening circle of satisfied clients. This will also determine our success in business as well as the place we occupy in the market.

It is our goal that we win our clients' satisfaction through precise and quality professional work, our capability to flexibility adapt to a variety of requirements, efficient communication throughout the work process and our customer-oriented approach.

We have set out to take a major share in the work towards Hungary's EU accession, and once Hungary is a member, our objective will be to help efficiently the co-operation between the institutions of the EU and Hungary.

Our work is geared towards showing clients that we are here to satisfy their highest quality requirements and that the letters P & V stand for "Precision and Value" – our main principles.