Elfelejtett jelszó


P & V International has shaped its working methods so that the quality of the work done should be gauged according to the strictest expectations of the client.

Accordingly, for each project we estimate in advance the requisite technical and human resources, and then constitute the expert translating team adequate for the efficient and high-standard execution of the project.

When setting up a team for a specific project, we can safely rely on our qualified and highly experienced internal translators and proof-readers, external translators and experts contracted for specific projects.

The proof-readers on our in-house team will see to it that differences in professional language usage are duly disclosed and in the course of continued consultations with external experts the most appropriate varieties are chosen. As a result, texts coherent in terminology and style will be produced.

Usually we have a specialist translator for every particular field so that a translator can focus on one specialty, which will guarantee uniform language use and professional quality.

Our secretariat is responsible for the appropriate distribution of tasks over the work process, and for the speed and quality of information exchange between client and translator.

Our clients' satisfaction is proof of our success.